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A19990925001-GuestsStartedPouringIn-1747.JPG Guests started pouring in 17:47.
A19990925002-Rector&MrsEeroKasanen.JPG Rector and Mrs Eero Kasanen.
A19990925004-Salli&Melva.JPG Salli Korpela and Melva Darling.
A19990925005-Smiths-Sue&Bud.JPG Sue and Bud Smith.
A19990925006-GladToBeHere.JPG Glad to be here.
A19990925007-MelvaAllSmile.JPG Melva - All Smile.
A19990925008-LarmolasOnTheSpot.JPG Larmolas on the spot.
A19990925009-SomeSmallFolksToo.JPG Some small folks, too.

Asko Korpela 19990927 (19990925) o Asko.Korpela@kolumbus.fi o AJK kotisivu