20091212 Book list. Kirjahylly (Books shelf) is a window out yhrough the home library. The starting point is a list of books in the library, where the order corresponds to the order of books on the shelves.

Location code. Every book has its location code, which consists of a three place number defining the shelf and a two digit number for the order of books on the shelf. The first digit of the shelf code defines the location of the shelf in the apartment, the second incdicates the upright shelf row in the total system of adjagent shelves and the third is the order of shelf board from above. The other code is the number of the book given at the acquisition of the book (four digits, 0001-9999).

Subject code. Also the contents of the book has a code system. The first cover is number 001. A separate Contents is 000. Other pages have the codes of the corresponding page number. The back cover is 999 and the inside of it 998. This allows the reference to any page of the book. Still there is an one digit (or letter) Tick-code, to which different definitions can be given.

Net page. The meaning of this coding is that visual pages can be produced programmatically of the library direct from the table data of the book list. Naturally any visual page can be produced manually taking into account the above priciples of location and coding.

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