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Computer programs
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Programs connected with AJKA model 
FORAJKA - forecasting program separately  308K 970429
POLAJKA - economic policy game separately  349K 990427
REGAJK Time series regression for text form data base  1241K 961013
TreGrafZ Graphics for text form TRE data base  201K 970319
EmpWin2z Programs for Empirical methods in economics course 1014K 961011
SuoRegz Programs for Macroeconomics and Economy of Finland course 703K 970322
EmpWin1z Other programs for economics courses  518K 961011
NatAccz National Accounts Demonstration  74K 951005
SmaExeZ Small DEMO programs for economics (DOS) 244K 970320
DemosZZ DEMO programs for economics (Windows) 134K 970402
Matzz Programs for Mathematical methods for economics course (Chiang)  317K 970318
OsoExez Address register and mailing (dos)  201K 970321
TipTap Ten finger typing course  87K 970320
paftrans PAF genealogy program output translation into Finnish 54K 970304
AjkKalWz Calendar for screen and pocket  172K 970205
LueKir Registering books read  81K 960906
PuhLue Telephone directory (dos) 
mTable Making HTML table 175K 970122

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AJKA macromodel Windows versions

Learning AJKA is best done by starting with POLAJKA, then FORJAKA, and finally applying WREGAJK program. 

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In POLAJKA you will be using ten economic policy instruments, which have their influence on economic growth, inflation, unemployment and balance of current account. These central goal variables have their target values for two subsequent years. AJKA gives forecasts, 8 figures, which somewhat deviate from the target values. You alter (+ or -) some instrument(s). AJKA calculates the value of the loss function on the basis of the differences between the target values and the AJKA forecasts. The closer to the target values the model is steered, the smaller will be the loss function value. You will soon learn the connections between taxation, government expenditure, incomes policy etc. and the goal variables and will be able to use the appropriate instrument to guide the economy closer and closer to the given target values

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FORAJKAClick figure to expand (Return: click Back in balk)

FORAJKA requires more understanding than POLAJKA with its automatic feedback via the loss function. But it also gives more. You must know your aims. You needn't, however, create from scratch, because there is always the latest AJKA forecast as a starting point. You can make an infinite number of alternatives to it:

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WREGAJK yhtälötClick figure to expand (Return: click Back in balk)

WREGAJK is a tool, with which you can dig the background of an econometric model, do the econometric work behind the model.

WREGAJK is followed by an exercise package used in studying macroeconomics. Here, as in all Windows applications, a detailed F1 and Help are available.

WREGAJK & helpClick figure to expand (Return: click Back in balk)

WREGAJK uses a data base to be accessed by any editor, its output goes automatically to clipboard, so it takes away all unnecessary pain from econometric exercises.

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