Kaskimies Mika:
To John Darling on his 25th Anniversary of Association with Finland

When I at the end of 1950's was nominated the first professor of marketing in Finland, there was, with the increasing foreign trade, a need to handle problems of export trade in curriculums. In 1960's I started a course in export marketing. I presented a wish to establish in the School of Economics a professorship with special focus on export marketing. The professorship was established on 1September 1970. Since no competent persons were available, and the idea of recruiting foreign professors on an annual basis emerged. Foreign visiting professors were found to be a good solution. Only on my retirement at the beginning of 1980's professors of domestic origin took over.

Professor John Darling was employed for 1974-75. He turned out to be a diligent and skillful teacher. He established useful contacts with persons and companies in export business. In him we found a true friend of Finland, who through innumerable visits, lectures and research projects has enriched our export people. Particularly I remember his research work results published in Liiketaloudellinen Aikakauskirja (Finnish Journal of Business Administration). The Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration is proud of his contributions.

[ Mika Kaskimies, Professor emeritus
Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration ]

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