Larmola Eero: Finnish Icebreakers

When we first time met in 1970`s, we discussed about Finlands possibilities to export Finnish goods into US markets, and in those days John planned that Finnish icebreakers should be sold to the Great Lake area in US and Canada. I was very astonished about the fact how influential friends John might have in US, because it did not seem very easy task to sell so valuable "goods" in American/Canadian markets, but I never got to know if his plans became true. Later I found out that his influence might be great enough because of several remarkable positions in different American universities. This was also the reason for that it was at most difficult to find common time during his later visits in Finland in 1980`s and in 1990`s for playing volley ball or tennis together, which luckily however succeeded several times during those days. In 1990`s we had also an inofficial competition between each other who had visited more Finnish cities, because John had several lectures in different Finnish universities, e.g.Helsinki,Turku,Tampere,Oulu and Jyväskylä. These are some glimpses during those years we have known each other.

Man with five tennis balls sends greetings to John and Melva!

[ Eero Larmola, The Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration ]

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