Lehtimäki Johanna:
Christmas with sauna in Pittsburg

I got the invitation to 25th aniversary of John and Melva Darling's association with Finland. Thank you for that. I am pleased to come to Haaga Hotel in 25th of September. I'm not sure how long and which kind of remembrance of my association with Johan and Melva I should write. I got to know them when I spent academic year 1998-1999 in Pittsburg Kansas. John Darling was the president of the PSU then. He and his wife Melva invited all the Finnish students to their home several times during the year. And just before Christmas we were invited to their sauna. It was great experience to try their sauna which felt exactly the same as here in Finland. It was great to feel welcome to Pittsburg, John and Melva Darling was one of the biggest reasons we felt welcome there.

Best regards, Johanna Lehtimäki

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