Nurmi Raimo:
International Management Leadership

I have learned to know John as a most inspirational colleague and friend during the twenty years or so since we first met. During this time we have shared many projects, ideas and discussions. I could write a novel about all this. Considering the space and time limitations let me just take up two prominent examples of what I mean. I have two pictures that capture these experiences.


The first picture recalls what John has done for the Department of Management. It is from a very solemn Finnish academic occasion and festivity where John served as the reviewer of Riku Santala',s doctoral thesis. He had worked the week before it conducting a research seminar for our doctoral students - an occasion about which the participants were left with memories that have come up in our seminars ever since. John worked a year before this contributing to Riku's thesis. We all appreciated it, and it helped Riku a lot.


The second picture reminds me of his contribution to my scholarship. I am very proud of being the first Finn ever to have published a management textbook in the United States of America, the native country of management. I know it was possible only with the co-authorship of John. Now the book is going to be published in Chinese. It must have something to do with John's accredited visits to Taiwan.

I know that my wonderful memories of John are shared by Kalevi Piha and Tapio Reponen from our School.

[ Raimo Nurmi, professor at the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration ]

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