Pänkälä Hanna-Liisa:
The 25th Anniversary of John and Melva Darling's Association with Finland

I was as an exchange student in Pittsburg State University fot the spring semester 1999. I decided to go there after attending to one of John Darling's lectures at the University of Jyväskylä. Thanks to him, it was possible for me to go and study in Pittsburg, Kansas. I think he made it a lot easier for me and other Finnish students to go to Pittsburg State.

While studying in Pittsburg, John and Melva Darling also invited all the Finnish exchange students to their home for a dinner. This made me feel really welcome to USA and it was nice to get to know John and Melva Darling. I want to thank them for all the great things they have done to make it possible for Finnish students to go and study in Pittsburg. For me the spring semester 1999 in Pittsburg was unforgettable experience.

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