Vieru Elina and Markku:
It is a great pleasure for us...

It is a great pleasure for us to recall all those warm things associated with Mr and Mrs Darling. Our experience of your loving characters is relatively short if measured in time, but for us one of the best memories of our lives is definitely very much obliged to you John and Melva!

The first contact we have had was when John and Melva visited the University of Oulu in 1993. Our next meeting during John and Melva's most recent visit to Oulu in the fall of 1997 was even more fruitful. It was followed by a three-month research visit to the Pittsburg State University in the fall 1998. We did not have prior experience of America with our daughters, Vilja, 7 years, and Roosa, 6 years at the moment, so all sort of help was really welcome. To our great enjoyment, John and Melva gave all imaginable help and guidance. Most challenging ones were maybe the transportation and telephone. We realised very soon that a car is a must in Pittsburg. For example daily shopping was somewhat impossible without a basic transportation. For us it was a little bit embarrassing that a president of large university had to take time to visit and negotiate with a local car dealer during working hours for several hours. Also we will always remember how Melva helped a lot to get a Kansas driving licence. After the initiation to life in America we rapidly got oriented and made frequent visits to cities in neighbouring states during weekends.

All good things last for too short a time. That happened also for us. Research advanced a great deal in Pittsburg since working conditions and facilities were excellent. Also professors and colleagues took us without hesitation among the university community. Definitely the most never-to-be-forgotten experience was our two-week 3 000-mile trip to New Orleans, Louisiana and Orlando, Florida, in the beginning of December. Having a swim in Pensacola Beach on the Finnish Independence Day and a great time in Disney Resort crowned our trip.

We are for ever indebted to John and Melva for all these great things experienced in the US!

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