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AJKA   Econometric Forecasting for Finland

AJKA 1976-96 in print, now in Internet

  • The first AJKA forecast was the best of three
  • ...so also AJKA 1994 and 1995
  • AJKA up to date in internet!

  • The forecast by the econometric AJKA model is about the same 4 per cent growth rate for this year as was true for the last year. The total output is at the moment well above the previous top level in 1989 and 1990 and next year the brisk growth will continue.

    Distribution of the forecast leaflet will be discontinued, but the forecast will be published in Internet. This way the forecast will be continuously uptodate and what even more important, the user has the possibility of downloading the program packet and of making alternative forecasts as well as of analysing the alternatives in a much more profound way than is possible with the paper version of the forecast. The shareware version is costless with the usual internet-conditions.

    AJKA Forecast - Present trends - Underlying assumptions - AJKA model validity
    Alternative forecasts - Change AJKA theory - Nutshell
    AJKA forecast

    AJKA an Econometric Macromodel for Finland

    AJKA model is a short term Keynesian demand oriented equilibrium model of an entire national economy. It is being applied on personal computers for forecasting and policy optimization in educational context.

    The structural form of the AJKA model consists of 48 behavioural and definitional equations. The model was first build at the University of Pennsylvania in 1973-74. Since 1976 forecasts as direct output of the model without deliberate post output corrections have been published regularly twice a year.

    Basic equilibrium  - Private consumption  - Investments  - Government sector
    Foreign trade - Production and employment - Incomes - Prices and wages
    AJKA model

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    Download programs FORAJKA and POLAJKA

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    Asko Korpela - economics lecturer - Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration

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