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Merit list
Korpela Asko Juhani
Studies, practice, travel
Main occupations and absences
Lecturing at Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration HSEBA
Other occupations and commissions of trust
Research and publications
Proficiency in languages

Dr. Sc. (Econ.)
Lecturer in Economics
The Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration
Home address: Perustie 14 A 5, 00330 HELSINKI - Finland
Office: Runeberginkatu 14-16, 00100 HELSINKI
* Asko Korpela, lecturer     Helsinki School of Economics *
* email:              phone: +358-9-483860 *
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Merit list

Updated 1994
30 years of lecturing at The Helsinki School of Economics
96765 books printed in 30 editions
211 newspaper and magazine articles, 139 public discourses
Econometric macro model AJKA 20 years in continuous use

Korpela Asko Juhani
020637-473X Virolahti
Parents: Vilho Korpela and Tyyni Maria born Värri, farmers.
640927 married Salli Tellervo born Korhonen.
670117 daughter Salla Kaarina
690315 daughter Sanna Leena
570531 highschool Kymin yhteiskoulu.
610912 B.Sc. (Econ.) The Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.
640218 M.Sc. (Econ.) The Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.
66 Degree awarded, HSEBA promotion.
711210 Licentiate degree. HSEBA.
820611 Dr.Sc. (Econ.) HSEBA. Doctoral dissertation: AJKA, An Econometric Model for Finland.
860301 'Teacher of the year' honorary title awarded by the Students Union of the HSEBA.
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Studies, practice, travel

58-67 Study tours and training in West Germany, England, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Italy and Greece.
68-86 European meeting. Econometric Society.
Amsterdam, Barcelona, Wien, Budapest (2), Helsinki.
72-87 Lecturing trips: 4 to Poland, 4 to Soviet Union.
73-74 ASLA-Fulbright senior grant University of Pennsylvania, USA.
8410 Nordic Conference of Macroeconomic Modelling. Copenhagen.

Main occupations and leaves of absences

61-65 Institute for Business Research, HSEBA.
61-64 Assistant teacher a.i., Economics, HSEBA.
64-67 Assistant teacher, Economics, HSEBA.
68-70 Research fellow at the Institute for Basic Research in Economics, HSEBA.
71-72 Lecturer a.i., Economics, HSEBA.
73- Lecturer a.i., Economics, HSEBA.
72-86 Interpreter of the Russian language at negotiations and lectures
76k Partial absence. Preparation of Doctor's dissertation.
76s Leave of absence (2/3) for professorship (3/5) in economics at the Turku School of Economics.
76-80 Member of the Board of the Economics Department, HSEBA.
7909 Professor a.i. in Economics (B5), HSEBA.
82 Leave of absence. Preparation of Doctor's dissertation.
83-85 Member of the Board of the HSEBA Computer Centre.
9710 Chairman of an international Commission for the Evaluation of two Estonian Economics Faculties, Ministry of Higher Education, Estonia.

Lecturing at HSEBA

66- Basic courses in economics and seminar excercises
71- Contemporary problems in the economy of Finland
71- ADB-methods and excercises
72- Mathematical economics
74- An econometric model for Finland, macroeconomic theory, model building, forecasts, economic policies
83- Intermediate macroeconomics
83- Excercises in econometrics
85 Intermediate microeconomics
96 Macroeconomics and the Economy of Finland, the first internet course in Economics at the HSEBA.
97 Macroeconomics for the First Year Students (400) completely in internet
99 Makrotaloustieteen perusteet ensimmäisen vuosikurssin opiskelijoille (400) completely in internet

Other occupations and commissions of trust

67- Expert opinion of teaching economics for the Department of Occupational Education
66-9 Freelance writer for the daily newspaper Aamulehti.
68-70 Freelance writer for the weekly magazine Ekonomia. Editor for Ekonomian Suuntaviitat.
68-9 Institute for Marketing. Lecturer in General economics.
64- Member of the Master of Economics Association.
66- Member of the Finnish Economic Association.
67- Member of the Finnish Association of Political Science.
68-77 Member of the Association of Bachelors in Economics and Business Administration.
68-78 Member of the Round Table 25 Club.
70- Talousteos Korpela KY publishing company, managing director and responsible owner.
71-79 and 84-5 Freelance writer for the magazine Talouselämä.
71-3 Member of the economic and political board of the Association of Bachelors in Economics and Business Administration.
73-78 Surveillor of the Runeberginkatu office of the bank Suur-Helsingin Osuuspankki.
75-6 Expert contributor for the commercial TV company Oy Mainos-TV-Reklam Ab.
7601-12 Professor, a.i., Economics, The Turku School of Economics and Business Administration (3/5 of the office).
75-76 Secretary of the Organizing Committee of The Econometric Society European Meeting 1976, 12 months.
78- Member of the Board of Representatives at the bank Suur-Helsingin Osuuspankki.
81-85 Vice member of the Board of Examiners for the English Language, Ministry of Education.
83- Columnist for the magazine Osuuspankkilehti.
8308 Chief interpreter at the Winners' Interview Point at the World Athletics Championsip.
860628 Opponent at the Universsity of Jyväskylä. Jouko Konttinen: Suomen kansantalouden suhdanne-ennusteista ja niiden osuvuudesta (On the Business Cycle Forecasts for Finland, Special Emphasis on their Successfulness).

Research and publications

63 Trade Agreement policies of Finland. Degree paper for M.Sc. (Econ.) in economics, 185 p.
66 Trade Agreement Negotiations of Finland. Mimeographed studies of the Institute of Business Research, no 16, degree paper for political science, 301 p.
67- Kansantalous - osat ja kokonaisuus (Economy - parts and the whole). KYn Kirja- ja paperikauppa, Tampere, publication of the year of economic education, 116 p, 4 ed, 382 p 1977. (24000)
69- articles in several publishers' collected works, such as WSOYn Ulkomaankaupan käsikirja, Rahatalouden tietokirja, Ongelmien yhteiskunta.
70- Kansantaloutemme peruspiirteet (Basic Treats of Our Economy). Talousteos Korpela KY, Tampere, text book 87 p. 8th edition 1980. (39000, + Swedish 4000)
72 Effect of tariffs on imports to Finland. The Helsinki School of Economics, series II 11, Helsinki, licentiate paper 191 p.
72- Small text and excercise books, as well as computer program manuals (also in Swedish and English).
72- Price index for Block house Dwellings for Suur-Helsingin Osuuspankki.
76- HKKK (now AJKA) forecast 20 times. A lot of newspaper comments.
77- Taloutemme rakenne ja toiminta (Structure and working of our Economy). Talousteos KY, Tampere and Jyväskylä, text book, 210 p., 8th edition 1986. (28000)
82 AJKA, An Econometric Model for Finland. Helsingin kauppakorkeakoulu A:36, Helsinki, doctoral dissertation, 248 p.
74- ABANK annual data base and TREND/3000 computer program library for teaching, research and service use.

Students' use 1984 1985 1986 1987
               203  321  279   93 students.

86- AJKA-macromodel microcomputer applications.

Proficiency in languages:

Finnish (native), Swedish, English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Estonian, Hungarian.

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